Quest for the Mapmaker

Two best friends and a little brother must band together if they are to save a mapmaker and all the secrets of the fantastical world they are thrust into through a magical map he created.

Bitty’s imagination expanded into reality when the magical map chooses her for the otherworldly mission of savings its maker, Simeon of Alltime. When her best friend Jelly spends the night, Bitty’s realistic dreams are strong enough to pull both girls and innocent little brother Randolph into Aliquot where Gloding the nomad and the Elven Queen explain prophesies that name the trio of children and the despised ruler Vitler. When their faithful guide Gloding separates from them, Bitty is almost killed in The Great Forest by Vitler’s army of giant winged creatures. Clues from the elves lead the homesick children over the Largonian Ocean to the treacherous island of Bokarti where they read the prophesy themselves. Danger lurks on the island and the children are hunted. Will evil halt all hope that the prophesy will be fulfilled? Will they save the mapmaker and Aliquot in time?


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