Do It Yourselfer

I am a do-it-yourselfer. Always have been. This has genetically been handed down to me by both of my parents and then reinforced over and over by them both over the years. My parents built their house and accomplished much of the interior work themselves along with wiring and roofing and a mired of other tasks to complete it and update it through the years. I as a ten year old, was up on that garage roof pounding nails. Currently my fiancé and I are hard at it remodeling our home and he has dry walled and layed hardwood floor while I have plastered the walls and routered trim. We have both worked on just about every type of job imaginable this last year to finish the project.

Enter written manuscript…. I was going to wait until this home project was done, and then I didn’t. Happy to say I didn’t wait and the feeling I have after self-publishing my book is phenomenal! I am walking around on a cloud talking about this story I have given birth to. I would like to say it is very similar to giving birth without the painkillers or the epidural. Exactly how my third child came into this world. The stress and pain in the formatting process is like labor. The labor of love and after that, the hard work and joy I can feel is just amazing. And now, watching this baby grow and talking to everyone who will listen about my new baby. Ahhh… I’m a mom again.

I do want to encourage anyone who wants to publish a book, go for it. The eformat is making the dream a reality. Just do your research and triple check everything from formatting to spelling and grammar. It will be worth your while if you do.


3 thoughts on “Do It Yourselfer

  1. lindaghill, I clicked the book link from my blog to Amazon and it did pull up the book. I’m not sure how you went to Kindle. You can go to and type in the title “Quest for the Mapmaker” or follow the link from my blog posting.

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