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Step by Step


Here are the newly built back stairs. The steps are all new oak treads stained with Varathane Gun Stock. The banister I found at Brick House Antiques in town. It was four hundred dollars for the banister and spindles. All made of oak and very similar to the front staircase in the house. The four hundred was a drop in the bucket to the cost of all new wood, especially oak. I was tickled when I found it three years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. The guy we hired to build it did a fantastic job in about two days. Building a structurally correct and sound staircase is just not in my ‘do-it-yourself’ manual. I sanded and stained it and Darren applied the coats of polyurethane. Here is where I decided we would NOT sand between coats of the poly, we don’t need anyone (kids) taking a header down the stairs.

The house is still a dusty mess and we only go there to work on it right now, but we are almost finished. Cleaning is going to be a paramount job but I am so ready to accomplish that. So far these back stairs have been off limits to walking on. Now they are finished, we have used them a little. I can see their future purpose where the children are concerned. It will be a ‘run up the front and down the back, looping, chasing your sister for fun, or to kill her’ GREAT addition to the house. Then with that the addition of my voice “stop running through the house chasing each other!”

I can’t wait to move back in.

Ebook Updates

When a book is published on the Kindle, there is the option to replace the file with an update. I have done this two times within the first week of first publishing because I found minor spelling errors. Of course I felt a little frantic and worked until a little after bedtime to get the corrections uploaded and live. I certainly didn’t want anyone buying my book with mistakes in it!

So today I was managing my Kindle on Amazon and noticed that a Stephen King ebook I bought said there was an update available and I just had to click update for it. Oh that made me smile. If he can publish updates then certainly I can. Whew, not such a big deal like I thought.