Google Searching

So just tonight I searched Google for my name. I was very pleased to see all the links back to Amazon and other places my book is available. Of course there are no other Mauras where I am from, although I know there are more out there in the world. I was appalled and worried when I saw a link that said FREE ebook and FREE epub download! I thought how in the world is that so? I clicked on the link and it took me to Amazon to buy my book. Wshoo… Thank goodness. Although it did seem strange that a link stating my book was a free download really went to Amazon… curious!!





Published on Smashwords and available for numerous ereaders. It has been educational and interesting working with so many different formats.

Newly Published

Just published.  A kindle short with an ironic twist!


Proof Copies!!


I am so excited. They are here to check! Of course the family members are demanding their signed copies first. Such an experience this is.