Quest for the Mapmaker Chapter 2

2 Appearing

Bitty quickly and quietly closed the door to her room. She could feel the anticipation of the map making her want to squeal. It was so exciting to have something like this happen, but what did it really mean, and was it really real? She moved over to her desk and with one arm pushed everything aside. She threw the plain piece of paper into the drawer and began to unroll the strange creamy paper that contained the photo of the map. She unrolled the map. It wasn’t the same as when she had printed it. The white frothy bubbles had turned into many different colors. Where the bubbles had been were brown and green, like land. In place of the pale clear bathwater was a rich vibrant blue of a vast ocean. Bitty gasped aloud. Her hands flew away from the map. She was frightened to touch it. She began to pace back and forth in her room glancing at the map continuously. After only a few moments, that felt like hours, Bitty walked briskly back to her desk with the half opened map on it. She sucked in her breath and grasped the corners of the map and straightened it out fully. To her astonishment, words were written in a rich royal red, and more had appeared after she had taken the picture. Bitty pinched her arm hard, hard enough to make a red mark. She wanted to make sure all of this was really happening. She knew that it was really happening and her arm hurt, and the map was forming words and shapes in front of her eyes. Bitty squeezed her eyes shut. She saw images of a sailboat and a vast ocean and flying creatures flipping through her head like pictures on the TV. She opened her eyes and wondered whether it was better to watch the map growing and changing or to let all the strange sights jump into her head. She knew they had to be attached to the map somehow; there was no doubt about that. She just didn’t know what it all meant, or how it was happening. Bitty went to her bed and retrieved her journal from between the mattresses. She had better write all this down so she would remember the images in her mind.
She just finished writing down the last few details when she heard her mother knock on the door.
“Just a minute.” Bitty called grabbing the map and throwing it with the journal under her mattress. She moved to open her door.
“I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t changed your mind about the movie.” Her mother glanced around the room quickly then let her eyes rest on Bitty’s.
“No. I’ve got a book here that I’ve been wanting to start reading.” Bitty’s eyes shifted to the blue floral comforter on her bed. She had failed to let it fall back into place after hiding the map and journal under it. Her eyes flew back to her mother and she smiled.
“Are you ok?” Her mother stepped closer to her and looked into her eyes. “You are acting a little strange, if there is something wrong you can tell me.”
“Nothing mom, I’m just not up to a movie tonight.” Bitty smiled and hugged her mother, hoping to relieve her worries.
Her mother stepped back from her and smiled back. Then she walked to the edge of Bitty’s bed and began to straighten the comforter. Bitty bit her bottom lip behind her mother’s back.
‘Don’t find it, don’t find it, don’t find it.’ Bitty’s brain echoed loudly.
“Mom, you don’t have to do that.” Bitty touched her mothers purple blouse on the shoulder. “Here let me.” Bitty nudged her way in front of her mother and quickly smoothed the soft blankets then turned around to face her mother. “Well, maybe I can come down for a while; it does sound good to watch a movie together.” She knew that would be the best way to keep her mother away from her room.
“Really, are you sure?”
Bitty nodded her head and said, “Let’s go mom”.
During the middle of the movie, Bitty’s best friend Jelly called. “Hey, what’re ya doing?” She asked Bitty.
“Mom and I are watching a movie.”
“Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night?” Bitty liked Jelly a lot. She loved to spend the night at her house. Bitty didn’t have any brothers or sisters and Jelly had two of each. It was fun to have so many kids; they could play games of all kinds. Last time she stayed they played Monopoly and Bitty even beat Jelly’s two older brothers. But now that she had the map, she didn’t want to stay there and have all those other kids knowing about it too.
It was hard to do but Bitty said “Not tonight, maybe another night, ok”.
“Sure, well, bye.” Jelly sounded disappointed to her, but Bitty would explain it all later, she would understand.
“You don’t want to stay with Jelly tonight? That’s definitely odd.”
“Nah, it’s loud at her house.” Bitty smiled and continued watching the movie.
“I think I’m going up to bed now. Goodnight.” Bitty yawned too for good measure.
“Goodnight Bit.” Her mother called after her as she rounded the steps to her bedroom. She shook her head as she watched her only child shut her bedroom door.
Bitty locked the door of her room. She sped over to the bed and pulled out the map. The image was beautiful and pristine. Everything was outlined and named, charted with an amazing accuracy. She marveled at the pure beauty of the paper and ink in front of her. The map looked ancient. It looked as if it was from another world. She grabbed a scrunchie and threw her hair up out of her face. She gathered the journal from its little hiding place and sat down at the desk. She began to list the charted areas of the map. First she counted the oceans and the largest land masses. It appeared that there were three large bodies of water. The Sea of Ganthra, The Mightic Ocean and The Largonian Ocean were listed in large scarlet letters over the mass of blue oceans. She viewed several other smaller areas of blue that seemed to be smaller lakes and then rivers too, but she wanted to first list the biggest areas of land that had names. Two shared their names with oceans. Largonia and Ganthra were the two largest areas of land but there were three more worthy enough in size to list with them. Woodenthra, Draconvi, and Merchindia Bitty listed from the largest to the smallest. She also was excited to see that there were many islands peppered throughout the map with queer names like The Islets of Barognia and The Deserted Islands. She was lost in the map and didn’t realize the time was so late. She heard her mother coming up the stairs slowly and snatched her light off in time. All she needed was more questions. She lay awake in her bed, as she shut her eyes visions of water speeding by so fast covered any thoughts she was having. This time she relished the images of another place. She saw a battle of many people with swords flashing and bodies falling down. She became sad. Was this place in turmoil? Her wondering overpowered the sights and she drifted off to sleep.


Google Searching

So just tonight I searched Google for my name. I was very pleased to see all the links back to Amazon and other places my book is available. Of course there are no other Mauras where I am from, although I know there are more out there in the world. I was appalled and worried when I saw a link that said FREE ebook and FREE epub download! I thought how in the world is that so? I clicked on the link and it took me to Amazon to buy my book. Wshoo… Thank goodness. Although it did seem strange that a link stating my book was a free download really went to Amazon… curious!!




1/3 Complete

Between working on marketing Quest for the Mapmaker I have been working on the second installment of Quest for the Mapmaker. It seems that I have such limited time its hard to find time to set aside for writing. Im pretty excited though about this second book. The story is evolving nicely and these poor kids are really put to the test along the way. A few times when I have had to wait a few days to write more it just gets me all bottled up feeling. Its like time in the story is moving along and I cant wait too long to let it out.

I’m happy to say I’m about 18,000 words into the second book and I know it’s going to be longer than the first. Maybe if life slows down a little bit I’m going to find more time to write. Today I’m working on tiling our bathroom and tiling the inside of the shower. It’s funny because I’m working on tiling I’m thinking about my characters and their abilities and how it helps them.

Alright break time is over time to mix more mortar and keep moving!

Step by Step


Here are the newly built back stairs. The steps are all new oak treads stained with Varathane Gun Stock. The banister I found at Brick House Antiques in town. It was four hundred dollars for the banister and spindles. All made of oak and very similar to the front staircase in the house. The four hundred was a drop in the bucket to the cost of all new wood, especially oak. I was tickled when I found it three years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. The guy we hired to build it did a fantastic job in about two days. Building a structurally correct and sound staircase is just not in my ‘do-it-yourself’ manual. I sanded and stained it and Darren applied the coats of polyurethane. Here is where I decided we would NOT sand between coats of the poly, we don’t need anyone (kids) taking a header down the stairs.

The house is still a dusty mess and we only go there to work on it right now, but we are almost finished. Cleaning is going to be a paramount job but I am so ready to accomplish that. So far these back stairs have been off limits to walking on. Now they are finished, we have used them a little. I can see their future purpose where the children are concerned. It will be a ‘run up the front and down the back, looping, chasing your sister for fun, or to kill her’ GREAT addition to the house. Then with that the addition of my voice “stop running through the house chasing each other!”

I can’t wait to move back in.

Do It Yourselfer

I am a do-it-yourselfer. Always have been. This has genetically been handed down to me by both of my parents and then reinforced over and over by them both over the years. My parents built their house and accomplished much of the interior work themselves along with wiring and roofing and a mired of other tasks to complete it and update it through the years. I as a ten year old, was up on that garage roof pounding nails. Currently my fiancé and I are hard at it remodeling our home and he has dry walled and layed hardwood floor while I have plastered the walls and routered trim. We have both worked on just about every type of job imaginable this last year to finish the project.

Enter written manuscript…. I was going to wait until this home project was done, and then I didn’t. Happy to say I didn’t wait and the feeling I have after self-publishing my book is phenomenal! I am walking around on a cloud talking about this story I have given birth to. I would like to say it is very similar to giving birth without the painkillers or the epidural. Exactly how my third child came into this world. The stress and pain in the formatting process is like labor. The labor of love and after that, the hard work and joy I can feel is just amazing. And now, watching this baby grow and talking to everyone who will listen about my new baby. Ahhh… I’m a mom again.

I do want to encourage anyone who wants to publish a book, go for it. The eformat is making the dream a reality. Just do your research and triple check everything from formatting to spelling and grammar. It will be worth your while if you do.

Quest for the Mapmaker

Two best friends and a little brother must band together if they are to save a mapmaker and all the secrets of the fantastical world they are thrust into through a magical map he created.

Bitty’s imagination expanded into reality when the magical map chooses her for the otherworldly mission of savings its maker, Simeon of Alltime. When her best friend Jelly spends the night, Bitty’s realistic dreams are strong enough to pull both girls and innocent little brother Randolph into Aliquot where Gloding the nomad and the Elven Queen explain prophesies that name the trio of children and the despised ruler Vitler. When their faithful guide Gloding separates from them, Bitty is almost killed in The Great Forest by Vitler’s army of giant winged creatures. Clues from the elves lead the homesick children over the Largonian Ocean to the treacherous island of Bokarti where they read the prophesy themselves. Danger lurks on the island and the children are hunted. Will evil halt all hope that the prophesy will be fulfilled? Will they save the mapmaker and Aliquot in time?