1/3 Complete

Between working on marketing Quest for the Mapmaker I have been working on the second installment of Quest for the Mapmaker. It seems that I have such limited time its hard to find time to set aside for writing. Im pretty excited though about this second book. The story is evolving nicely and these poor kids are really put to the test along the way. A few times when I have had to wait a few days to write more it just gets me all bottled up feeling. Its like time in the story is moving along and I cant wait too long to let it out.

I’m happy to say I’m about 18,000 words into the second book and I know it’s going to be longer than the first. Maybe if life slows down a little bit I’m going to find more time to write. Today I’m working on tiling our bathroom and tiling the inside of the shower. It’s funny because I’m working on tiling I’m thinking about my characters and their abilities and how it helps them.

Alright break time is over time to mix more mortar and keep moving!